Well Water TestingWaterTech Well Solutions provides services from the ground and beyond. We’ll always give you the best available options after consulting with you – the homeowner. We dig all the trenches for installing new well water lines, install house lines and setup your new well water service.

We offer certified MDEQ well inspections for real estate agents and homeowners alike. We can also plug or decommission a water well and convert a homeowner from well water to city or community water.

At WaterTech Well Solutions, we specialize in water well filtration systems. We can handle all of your water filtration needs including water softeners, sediment filters, iron and manganese filters, and UV light filters. We will test your water well system for bacteria as well as all the other metals and minerals that cause problems in well systems. Our team has the expertise to setup every filtration system we install to uniquely satisfy your specific water well problem.

Solutions are part of our name – and we provide them. We can handle all the repairs to your water well necessary to make sure your well satisfies Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Regulations. We will repair and replace drop pipes, jet packer, leathers, foot valves, venturi tube, nozzles, as well as install check valves, pressure relief valves, all types of ball valves, pressure gauges, and fittings. WaterTech Well Solutions provides services for repairing/replacing well pumps, motors, pressure switches, pressure tanks, PVC valves, PVC pipes, and air volume controls. We can also solve your problems with submersible pumps, deep well jet pumps, shallow well pumps, and convertible jet pumps.

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